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Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Tarot with Elizabeth Offers:

Intuitive insight into the past, present and future, compassionate guidance, divine wisdom, new knowledge, soul healing, hope, truth, connection to your angels, spirit guides, masters, ancestors and Love.

I believe Tarot offers us a way to see inside.  Tarot is an ever changing tool.  A way to connect to God/Spirit.  Tarot carries its own language and links us to the Divine.  Through Tarot we are offered a way IN. 

What Tarot Can Show You:

  • Past, Present and Future
  • Career/Money  
  • Mind/Thought- How we see the world and how we can create more positive perspectives
  • Emotions/ Relationships - dating, marriage, divorce/break-ups, Family and Children
  • Communication – How we and others communicate spiritually and within a family, relationship or in conflict
  • Balance – how to find, create and maintain balance in all  aspects of your life
  • Transformation - move out of old patterns into new beauty
  • Confidence, Self-Trust, & Happiness – Live the life Spirit wants you to live. 


"A reading with Elizabeth is like a big hug from an angel.  She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what God wants you to know. Her insight and accuracy are amazing. (Sheryl R)"

"Elizabeth isn't your typical carnival side show reader.  She brings legitimacy to this modality of spirituality.  She is incredibly honest and kind.  If you want to know what to do next, then with her divine guidance she will help you figure out the right way for you.  I loved sharing time with her and will be back again and again. (Amanda T)"

Do you want spiritual insights into your life from a gifted mystic and tarot reader? I believe we never run out of opportunities for growth.  Our ability to evolve is limitless.  Tarot offers us the ability to see ourselves, our choices and the world through new eyes.  

Schedule your reading at
or call (303) 913-9494.

Readings in person, face time, Skype or on the phone.  

 “Mother, Father, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, I place the Violet Flame of Transmutation  around myself and all those who seek insight from You.  I ask that all negative energy is surrendered and shifted to Light and to Unconditional Love.  Great Spirit, please gift  us wisdom, compassion, empathy, integrity, truth, healing and may I always do what is for the highest good of all life forms.” 

As Above, So Below Tarot
Aurora, CO
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 ~All ways always love~ 

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